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Writer's Block: Family Matters

What is your "role" in your family?
I'm the tootsie role

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Wednesday, March 03, 2006

Lips and Assholes 

Dang. This is the beginning of many of the stupid rants and belly aches you will here from me.  Now that I am a couple of years into my 30s, I have tons of pointless stuff to babble about.

  First off I want to thank you for reading my blog.  I know you are reading this because I have figured out a way to identify who has been looking through my profile.  Oh yes, you have heard the rumors about this; it's true.  If you think you can check me out without leaving a trace, you are sadly mistaken. With that out of the way, I shall begin.

What was I going to say?  I know there are some things that I need to write about but now I can only think of going home.  I'm at Weatherstone accompanied by a half full cup of cold Moroccan mint tea.  It's sooo refreshing.  Its even better after it has cooled off.  The cooling off period if you will.

Why is it that no matter where I sit in a public establishment, I always find the one wobbly table?  I'm like a magnet for wobbly tables.  Was I a person that used to break tables in my past life?  Karmas' funny way of laughing in my face.  Dang. 

So what now.  Something, something...... something.  Nothing is coming to mind.  What else.........  what else............   Okay I have something now

School is almost over and I can hardly wait for my summer vacation.  What am I going to do with myself now?  I should spend the time working on music.  Maybe I should waste away my time watching television.  I guess I should live out in the suburbs if I want to do that.  Should I spend some time getting exercise?  Perhaps I should pick up my skateboard again now that the weather is better.  I think that might just be the ticket.  All these new skate parks around town that I have yet to visit.  Dang.  There are a few parks that I have visited over the past year here in the Sacramento area.  My favorite one is in Cameron Park.

Skateboarders tend to have a jockish attitude with very little respect for anyone.  I would like to think that its the rebellious aspect of the sport, but in reality its young boy testosterone.  Not into it even a little bit.  I bet I would be into if I were a teenage girl or a weirdo.  Wait, I am a weirdo, but I dont like testosterone boys. 

Sorry about my sad writing skills.  I assure you, you will get used to it....


I just need to say:

My future wife is an amazing song writer.  She is playing guitar in the other room and singing the best songs I have heard.  I am not just saying that becase she is my girl, but it's the truth.  Not too mention she is excellent at everything she does.  Art, cooking, parenting, conversation and lovin'!  

I asked her to marry me in December and she said yes!  I am the luckiest person in the world! 

Postive outlook

Dear Danny,

Quit being so hard on yourself and everyone else. I have given you the ability to use your brain, so please do so.  Come on, you ain't got it so bad.  Sometimes I throw things your way to give you something to work on; obstacles to help you learn and grow.  You can't expect to be happy all the time or with every situation.  So stop trying so hard to make everything perfect.  If I wanted everything to be perfect, it would be...

Have you ever noticed when you are in public most people are very unfriendly?  I know that people around me can't all be unhappy or scared of everyone.  I can't believe how close we can stand to each other and never talk or even acknowledge others.  I talked to my future wife about this and she had some good comments to make.  She said that we have been conditioned to act that way.  Weird.  I am going to make a point to somehow acknowledge as many people out as I can.  I guess I just like people.